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Stuck with an error display dialog that went background

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I use the native default script to erase a file. When it fail to erase the file (and in some case, it's OK) I have an error dialog that popup ... bla bla bla "OK"


Win10, FMS16, FMA17


#1- How can I disable that error message, can't delete the file, no worry, that's ok.

#2- For some unknown reason, when it's called with a card window, it might go background.... and I'm stuck, I can't press "OK", can't bring it back to front. If I kill FM process, the record is now lock on the server, disconnect the user doesn't release the record


I'm in the process of switching to FM19, that as the native delete file, but for now, I'm not



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Hi JF Fortier,

First, make sure that you have the latest version of ScriptMaster installed, version 5.305 available here.

If you are calling a ScriptMaster function as a calculation, you can suppress error dialogs by using the function SMSetErrorCapture and passing in True. Make sure you pass in the boolean value True and not a String like "True" as passing in a String will cause the function to be ineffective. If you are calling ScriptMaster functions as a script step then you will need to use the native Filemaker script step Set Error Capture . 

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Thank you it work :)

Latest version was installed, set a variable calculation to TRUE and now it doesn't display the error message.

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