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I am new in scripting...can somebody tell what is wrong in this script?


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Please post directly into the forum. You can print scripts to PDF and upload here.

Not sure what your intention is, but a couple of things raise red flags:

1. Do you really have ✔︎ in your layout name. That seems like a problem waiting to happen.

2. You're entering Find Mode with Pause On. Why? That's used to allow a user to enter find criteria. ( Also, it is more performant to Enter Find, Go to Layout - since this'll avoid a fetch of records you may not need from the server)

3. Step 4. What are you expecting? A boolean? Why a $$var? Ideally, you return the value to a calling script using an Exit Script ( $var)

4. Then you sort? Where's the chart?

All might make sense, but it's hard to tell. What does the Layout look like? Can you post a screen shot in layout mode?

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