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A new way to upload files for Filemaker


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DirectDual Limited is proud to announce the first release of

Total Upload

Total Upload is a program that runs on your server and provides you with


simple means of adding File Upload capability to your web pages. There

is no

Java to learn and no ASP. It runs on all shades of Windows including XP.


has been fully tested against Apache, Sambar and IIS.

Although not designed solely for FileMaker Pro users, there are also


specific facilities that will permit easy integration into an FMP


Check out the Total Upload web site at http://www.totalupload.com for


details and while you are there, why not try out the two evaluations

provided. To see an FMP user's comments, have a look at


To enable those who cannot run executables on their web servers, we are

shortly to release our Server Service which will provide a platform for

gathering uploaded files and making them available to your web site. If


would like information on when this service will be available please


e-mail to [email protected].

David Pennington

[email protected]


DirectDual Limited

David Pennington


www.totallyobjects.com http://www.totallyobjects.com> - THE Smalltalk

resource Totally Objects is an IBM Object Connection member

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This topic is 8185 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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