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Testing a privilege set in Cloud Sever

mike Tubman

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Hello All,

I am hoping this is a simple answer that I am just not seeing due to my mad cow disease. We just switched to the Cloud Server and I am creating some new privilege sets for users (up until now, I was the only one using Filemaker).

I created them but I can't seem to be able to test them myself. When I open Filemaker, it pops up my Claris ID sign in window with MY username and it doesn't give me the option of changing it.

Normally, I would created a dummy account and assign it a new privilege set and then sign in as that person. Now it appears I have to create the new set and get one of my users to log in on their machine to test it. Surely I am missing something simple here right? I tried to change the authentication from Claris ID to FM but it wouldn't let me do that either. 

Is there a way to test out the privilege set myself without having to download a backup and working off the cloud?

Running Windows FM

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