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U[loading document links to d/b in FM Cloud

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I have searched all over for help on this and can't find anything at all.

I have 2 d/bs on one FMCloud host that has a Connected Drive.  Both d/bs have a Doc table with fields to create a link to open the relevant document.  Until now, each user has been able to open a synced version of the document in a Dropbox folder on their local computer.   Now I have a user who can't download FM Pro to her computer so I need to store the docs on FMCloud in a sub-folder on the Connected Drive for docs exclusively for this app.

How do I create the sub-folder?

How do I and all users upload docs to that folder?

How do I create the link in the d/b to open that document?

I'm sure this is all very simple but I can't find any guidance on it at all. Everything talks about uploading the actual FM d/b file.  Nothing talks about links to external documents to be accessed from that file :-(

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