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Approval flow

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This is a general question and perhaps a filemaker forum isn't the best place to ask for this kind of information, but I tried to find some information on the internet, and I was overwellemed by products so I can use some experienced advice.

I am looking for a database that

-tracks approval flow

-does filetracking

But before I start making this in Filemaker i want to check if perhaps there are other more convenient ways of doing this.

I will give an example of the kind of info that should be tracked in the database.



- You make a document in indesign, you send it to a customer,

- He/ approves and sends you back the file.

-Later you send this file to a translator who translates the file,

- Again he send his back,

- Then you send it to the client again

- He checks and sends his disapproval.

- You send it to the layout office

- The make corrections

-You send it to the client

He approves

The question:

-Is Filemaker a good way of tracking the lastest whereabouts of a file (=locations & approval)

- Are there better Databases/Products to track this

Hope someone can help me ?

Thanks anyway


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While it is possible that there are existing application which track this information, Filemaker is perfect for this kind of thing. For the most part, I would think that this is a pretty simple application to create. You are basically logging the status of a document.

File Structure:

Company.fp5 (this can be used to store both clients and vendors)




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This topic is 6537 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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