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FMS Ubuntu Linux firewalld

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Hi folks. 


Have been running multiple FMS instances in macOS for quite some time, but we're mainly a Linux hosting company, so have been looking at FMS Linux on Ubuntu.  It's all running fine, except for one thing which I hope someone can help me with.

When we setup our other VMs on Linux, we use IPTables firewall in a number of standard ways to secure the VPS as a whole (regardless of what application(s) are running on it).  Now the default setup of FMS on Ubuntu Linux (and CentOS before it I think) uses firewalld to manage connection permissions.  This is just an interface to IPtables I think, and so I spend some time learning how to do the things I need to do using the firewall-cmd command rather than my normal method.  However, I couldn't get it to work the way I wanted, so I decided to try stripping out all the default FMS-inserted rules and building my own firewall config.  

The thing is, it seems that FMS is using firewalld / IPtables to do more than just allow/deny access from certain IP numbers, as without the rules which FMS ships with, it doesn't work either.  So, I was planning to research what FMS uses firewalld for, aside from access control lists from external IP numbers.  Does anyone know if there's an article written about this topic?

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I've been running FileMaker Server on Ubuntu since that was an option. I turn off firewalld and instead use ufw, which is the default firewall for Ubuntu Server 18 & 20. It integrates well with IP Tables.

I know that doesn't answer your specific question about info on the topic, but from my experience FileMaker Server doesn't need firewalld at all, except maybe during initial FMS installation.



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