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Assigning customers to invoices.


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I have my one layout invoices , 2nd is customers 

1 portal

I want the i make a  portal on invoice where i have data of my customers . if already have customer it populate automatically  on invoice

if not a new window opens and i add new customer and goes back to same invoice 

2nd portal

on same lay out make a side panel and put customer  portal in list view where my all customers shows and when on my

1st portal i write customer name it sort out on 2nd portal and 

it is there it i click and in populate in my 1 portal ( 2nd portal it is name only and 1st portal it is all details.



test file.fmp12

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An invoice is a snapshot in time of a financial transaction. When an invoice is created you would assign your customer by an ID or UUID preferably. That action would lookup or use a script to set fields for pertinent related customer info; Name, address, contact, phone, email etc. That data would be stored on the invoice record so that future changes to customer info doesn't retroactively affect historical invoices. 

The best plan is to go to the customer table find the customer from there create a new invoice via a portal or script. Then navigate to the invoice. 


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Thank you for responding me ,in my line of business or the solution. I try to make is a dispatch board ,in the dispatch board. We have to build a load before invoicing  my customer so when I build my load build my solution at or open order I need to put the customers and then we also have a shipping address and receiving address where the shipment goes. So for me it’s very hard to find a customer. That’s why I try to build a solution from my Loads  layout I add the customer directly from there if I have the customer already in the system I don’t need to add that but if it’s  not I added a new customer that’s why I need to  as I send you a sample file 

invoice is next step when after shipping is complete after delivery

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So what I think you are describing is that you may be more sales centric vs customer centric. where you start a process with an Invoice and you need to lookup or create a customer ideally without creating duplicates.

In this situation once an invoice is created but un-assigned to a customer you could open another window (card view) that has a field that runs a quick find script to find customers a button could be there to assign the customer or create a new one. If you assign the customer your script would capture the primary key of that customer and then dismiss the window and set the foreign key on the invoice which in-turn looks up billing and shipping information that is stored from the customer.

If you wanted to create a new customer a similar approach may present a window with set if fields for a newly created customer which assigned the primary key to the foreign key on the invoice. 

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