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QuickBooks Plugin CreditCardChargeAdd

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I'm working on a script to send CreditCard Charges into QuickBooks and want to make sure I have the correct item for some of the items listed by the development kit website.

In the screen shot below please confirm the following:

  1. The first AccountRef/ListtID:   Is this the ListID for the actual charge card used?
  2. PayeeEntityRef/ListID:  Is this the Vendor ListID?
  3. TxnDate: Transaction date?
  4. RefNumer, Memo, ExchangeRate, ExternalGUID are optional and only used when required?
  5. ExpenseLineAdd/AccountRef/ListID:  Is this the same as line 1 above?
  6. ExpenseLineAdd/CustomerRef/ListID:

Thanks very much for the assistance

Bruce Herbach




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1-4: Yes

5: No. That's the (in general, Expense) Account you want to charge: i.e. Car repairs, Parking, Meals...

6: Customer Ref would be used if this is a purchase that you'll Bill to the Customer as a reimbursable expense, etc.


Geoffrey Gerhard
Creative Solutions Incorporated
14000 Creekside Drive
Matthews, NC 28105

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