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Is there a simple solution to only allow quick find in the Menubar in FMGO?

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I would like to hide the Menubar and Toolbars except for the Quick Find feature (I'll take all the find features if you can't specify just one).

So far the only way I can see how is to:

  1. Show the MenuBar
  2. Make a Custom Menu Set for users that removes the ability to Create Records, etc.
  3. But the above requires me to then modify all user scripts to run with full access privileges as I've scripted the creation of new records....
  4. And also to question whether this will affect any portals that utilize "create new records via this relationship"

Am I missing an easier setup?

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You can recreate the quick find by adding a global field and script trigger or button to  perform the quick find. 

I usually do this for my startup routine for FMGo


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