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'Communication Problem' and 'Session Ended': am I the only one on WebDirect still getting these red dialogs?

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FileMaker did say these issues were fixed - first as a workaround to edit some files, which didn't solve the issue for me - then with a version upgrade - wich also didn't fix the issue.

All of my clients on WebDirect get it with varying frequency. Some users do something, then leave it for a while - they always get the dialogue and have to re-login. Others who are on it all the time rarely see it.

'Invalid Json from server: 1[X'

To clarify - this is NOT the 60 minute client timeout set in the admin console. For us, that's a joke - we so rarely get to see the FM dialog!

FileMaker Server 20.3 on an M1 MacMini with an M1 MacMini web-worker.



Steve aka Dubl


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