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trouble with next record graphic link

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My clients found a bug that only seems to happen on PC's, not Macs. I can't figure out why this is happening to them.

To find products a search is conducted. At the top of the results page are some graphical buttons for "NEXT" and "Start a new search" etc.

On the mac, these buttons work fine, however, on a PC I'm told "NEXT" or "PREVIOUS" don't work. These have been tagged with markup language as such in the Table Row Markup shown below (Start a new search has been tagged differently through Freeway; Freeway is my web design application and it works fine.)


before <TR> [FMP-linknext]

after <TR> [/FMP-linknext]

This makes the graphic only show up when needed (as in when there are actually items to go to next, or items in a previous page) The PC users see the graphic, but they can't click on it.

However, all this works fine on the Mac (at least on my macs it does).

Do you have any ideas what is going on? Or how I could solve this? I'm stumped. You can see the site here My clients site....with the affected database Just click on furniture showroom and then pick a manufacturer like Martin.

Thanks very much,


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I found the answer....thought I'd share it with you in case someone else has the same trouble.


The problem was the placement of the [FMP-linknext][/FMP-linknext] and [FMP-linkprevious][/FMP-linkprevious].

The [FMP-linknext] tags create a hyperlink around the element. However windows will not allow you to link a <TR></TR> table row. I moved the tags around the image itself and it works.

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This topic is 8166 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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