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Personal Web Server for Windows ME??

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I was reading an article this morning on .asp pages etc and there was a part on checking on PWS. Suddenly I realized that when I had Windows 98, I actually had a folder that was called Personal Web Server.. but now I looked every where and there was nothing like it in my Windows ME, which came with my HP.

I even searched through Windows Help, but nothing like PWS or Personal Web Server came up!

Does any one know if this means that WinME does not have PWS at all?

This also brings me to another thing that I noticed some time ago. When I had my FrontPage2000 on Win98, I could click on the preview in browser button within FP2000 and it would open my IE browser and show me the page I was working with in IE. But now (since I got WinME)if I click on the preview in browser button, the program freezes (FP2000).

Any one knows why?


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Windows ME does not include Personal Web Server. However, it is possible to run PWS on ME (I have it set up on my laptop).

Unfortunately, the web page where I found instructions for installing PWS on ME is gone. You need to install the different pieces of PWS in a particular order. If you do an internet search for installing PWS on Windows ME, you will probably find the answer.

In one of their Tech articles, Microsoft says it is possible to run PWS on ME, but they only recommend it in a test environment.

Like I said, I have it up and running, but because my reference is gone, I'll have to send you forth with the confidence that it can be done and let you do the research! Hopefully someone else here has set up this configuration more recently and can give you some more concrete instructions.

Good Luck.

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Thanks Tom P,

That sure is a relief... hehehe... I was already beating my head against the wall considering working with my OLD OLD computer (haven't touched it for over a year, but it had Win98 with PWS).

Thanks.. now I can breathe sigh of relief and hope some one in here would have worked on the problem recently enough to give me some information.

I have tried using IE Auto Update and gone through out the MS site to search for the PWS, I could not find anything that I could download. I even went to downloads for WinME and there was no mention of PWS there.

Thanks again for your info

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Tom P,

Thanks once again for your encouragement.

I searchec the internet and I finally got to a page that showed me how to install PWS on WinME.

Incase any one needs that information for the future, here is the site


also more info from microsoft support available on


Thanks.. nothing can beat the size of my smile right now.

Y'all been reeel good wif me smile.gif" border="0

Have a great day

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This topic is 8141 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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