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FM Pro 5, Dreamweaver 3, Appleshare IP

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I created a web page using Dreamweaver 3.0 and put it in the Web Folder of a G4 running Appleshare IP 6.3.3. When I connected to the page with a browser and attempted to add a new record to the database, I recieved the following error: "The server does not support the requested method or encoding." The method I had indicated in the html code was "post". Is the reason it isn't working a problem with FM Pro, Appleshare, or me? Thanks.

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Hi, a number of things here.

First, You can run Appleshare IP and Filemaker on the same machine OK, but you must change the Filemaker port from 80. Port 591's the recommended choice.

Next, all the html pages that FileMaker references go into the FileMaker web folder (or folders inside that), not the Appleshare IP web folder, and that's the root path for those pages.

Any calls you make to FileMaker, or links from your Appleshare IP-served pages, need to be written as an absolute url - it's like two seperate web servers



will call the Appleshare IP http engine and deliver the page from within its web folder, whilst:


will have the page delivered by FileMaker from within the FileMaker web folder.

If you want to deliver some dynamic content, then you have to call FileMaker and define at least the database and a format File and the action, like:


If this is your first FileMaker web project, mail me for a couple of very basic working examples that might give you a start - it's easier to find out by taking other people's stuff apart

smile.gif" border="0

regards, jeff

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This topic is 8140 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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