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Instant Web Publishing, how to get it to work?

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I do my development work or a Mac. I use a fake LAN instead of an ethernet. I set tcp/ip at It is configured for PPP and Using Manually. The router address is

In the Chooser Apple Talk is selected.

Even tho I am now on OS8.6 I still do a restart. Old habit.

I have seen reference here to localhost, but I have not used that.

FWIW, IWP is wysiwyg. html/cdml is really neat.

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Thank you for your suggestion. I had to change appletalk to ethernet with your settings. PPP setting was not recognized by FM but the ethernet setting crashed FM immediately. I also tried to login from another netwerk computer but this also resulted in an crash. So far, sharing a FM database over a netwerk does make FM to crash immediately.

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Dan, Hi,

I'm a little worried that you talk about ppp settings and then say you tried to log in from another network computer.....

PPP is for dial-up connections. MacIP is *not* the way to go either.


The TCP setting I used are: ethernet - browser ip: and over Appletalk with IP: router address:

these don't look right! How do you arrive at 'browser ip'?

Ok, first step. Can you ping your Mac from another computer on the same network? This tests your IP settings.

If yes, then do you have any other active web software (personal web sharing?) running on that Mac?

If you can't ping the Mac, we need to get your TCPIP control panel set up first...

regards, Jeff

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This topic is 8083 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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