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Get web address to work as a link

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OK, gave up on the instant publishing. Was taken over by the dark side and went custom. So far so good...

One little obstacle. Trying to make a web address entered in a field in filemaker become an actual active link when viewed in the web browser. Here is what I have:

Database name is "Products.fp5"

Field name containing address is "FTP"

Now my search engine is working. I select a name, the browser goes to me "list.txt" file I set up and shows my search results. One of those results is [FMP-field:ftp]. But the text here is just static...

how do I make it where it is an actual link that if someone clicks on it directs them to the site entered in the "FTP" field in the filemaker database.

Am I asking this in the correct way...pretty new to the Custom Web stuff in FileMaker.


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You need to put this code into the html format file: this code assumes you want to display the link as the link name...

<a href="[FMP-Field: FTP, raw]">[FMP-Field: FTP, html]</a>

Note the "raw" and "html" options in the [FMP-Field] CDML tags: these are important!

My syntax above might be a little bit off, but it'll give you the idea. The data in the url field needs to include the "http://" prefix, otherwise you need to include it in the code above. In fact, the best policy is always to enter *full* urls into fields, that way the correct prefix for http and ftp will be included.

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Question. Assuming everything above mentioned stays the same except one item...

Instead of it being a web address being entered into filemaker and showing up as a link in web publishing, what if it is a email address being entered into the database field. how would the above code example given to make it act as a html link have to change to get it to act as an email link?


[ March 12, 2002, 11:14 AM: Message edited by: Larry Ross ]

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Makes good sense. It works as described. One question though...

In filemaker I entered the address into the field like so: mailto:[email protected].

My code in the htm document read as: <a href="[FMP-Field: rro, raw]">[FMP-Field: rro, emailaddresses]>

This of course works, but the link that shows up on the web page is: mailto:[email protected]. Is there a way to have the link show up on the web page and not have it show with the mailto: in front of the email address?


[ March 14, 2002, 10:11 PM: Message edited by: Larry Ross ]

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I think that putting a complete email ou url address in a field is an easy way out but a limiting practice when it come to retuned lists or CDML manipulation like with FMP-IF because of their lenght variety. You then have to softwrap them.

If you stick with your idea, you could use <A HREF="[FMP-Field: address]">@</A> for email or <A HREF="[FMP-Field: address]">www</A> for website adresses.

Users can see the mailto:[email protected] or https://www.domaine.tld by positioning the mouse cursor over the link. I think you can also use ALT="[FMP-Field: address]" with browser that support ToolTips (the little yellow box that appear at mousepoint), OnMouseOver in javascript or other web techniques

In my websites.fp5 database, I split the method (ftp, http, https), the domain (www.domain.tld) and the locator (/faq/help.html) for statistical puposes like how many websites are SSL secure or hosted at www.mac.com or how many hackable users use hotmail.com shocked.gif !

I then assemble <A HREF="[FMP-Field: method]???/[FMP-Field: domain][FMP-Field: locator]" ALT="[FMP-Field: WebSiteOwnerName]">www</A>

Assuming you don't mix email and websites URLs in the same field that is...

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OK, I got the above mentioned to work. It worked for both http as well as mailto: although I had to modify the code a bit for the email stuff. Thanks for the tip.


[ March 15, 2002, 08:27 AM: Message edited by: Larry Ross ]

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