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Can button (Instant) redirect to url with CDML reference to a field from that record


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Just playing around with different options. If Using Instant Web Publishing can there be a button that runs the URL script (this part I know can be done) that brings up a .htm page with a CDML tag that references back to a specific field from that same record in the database.

The URL link is easy. I dont even know if getting the CDML to work in this particlar way in this particular senario is even possible?


PS I am actually using my database with custom publishing for clients to view records. I just have a link from one of my custom .htm pages that goes back and shows my entire database. This link basically brings the database up as instant publishing. This way I can remotely edit my database. When I am editing my database it is at this point I want to hit a button taking me back out to a .htm page containing the CDML tag linking back to a field from the record I was just working on.

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I've got the same problem

I want to link word documents [http://name.doc]

and i got something workin

this is what i use


<INPUT TYPE=hidden NAME=-DB VALUE='layout versie'>

<INPUT TYPE=hidden NAME=-Lay VALUE='Layout 1'>

<INPUT TYPE=hidden NAME="-format" VALUE="polop.htm">

<INPUT TYPE=hidden NAME="-error" VALUE="search_error.htm">

<input type=hidden Name="-script" Value="open">

<INPUT TYPE=hidden NAME="-lop" VALUE=AND> <p></P>

now this doesn't work right

because the link is opent on the host

computer and not on the user-end computer

don't now the solution yet to that


ps the script open is a script to open

url .

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This topic is 7364 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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