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Web for Dummies Advice Needed


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Help. I am completely flummoxed by the web publishing options, and can't grok the docs.

I have built a nice little FM6 database of film info that I need to publish on the web. I need it to be a real database, searchable by the user. My ISP will not allow me to serve from my machine, so it has to be on an ISP server somewhere.

I do not understand what instant web publishing orthe web companion are, and think they might not apply to me.

As I understand it, my server options are

--to find an ISP that sells FM services

--to translate to mySQL and use php on any of a million linux servers

In the second case, I know what needs to be done to generate the webpage part.

In the first case, I have no idea except that lasso and/or cmdl serve the same role as php. Is this right? How do IWB and WC fit into this?

Thanks in advance, Ted

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You are right, Instant web publishing wouldn't apply to you because of yoru ISP. However, you can create a static set of pages from your database.

I'm sure your ISP offers 24hr. FTP Service. If this is true, you can create a script in FMP, that will export your data to an HTML file and place it on the FTP site. You can Map an FTP directory to your computer so you can just tell FMP to save it to that directory and you are in the game.

The script would have to run manually (some one would have to activate it), but I think there is a plug-in somewhere out there, that will run a script every so often. Then how ever often you set it, will be your delay time.


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This topic is 7813 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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