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inlines soooo slow

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i am creating an online order system for the company website and at the moment it all works fine. it fairly simple with just three tables running the whole thing (user , user items and catalogue)

i only have one small problem. the inline actions to check the users cart for reports in the list.

at the moment the user come into the shop and is automatically given an ID num and a new row is created in the user table, the id num is passed from page to page via a token, once they are in they are presented with a search page of our reports. the result page has an inline action at the end of each row searching the cart for any rows with the user id num(in token 1) and the report id in the current row. if it returns empty it then shows an add button by the use of an if statment. if it find a row the it just show text 'in Cart'

what was wondering is there a quicker way to do this than with inlines as it is extemely slow to do the inline 20 times.

i am looking at portals, but if i set a global field in the catalogue to user id will this work when there are more than one user online with different id's

help me please i am all confused

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i would but i am not a big fan of frames

at the mo i am still trying it with a portal with an inline at the top of the page to set a related field to the userid and report id to link to the cart.

does this stand any chance of working , i havnt had much success yet but i'll keep at it till i get a better idea

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This topic is 7819 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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