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Writing scripts for barcodes

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I need help.

I'm rather new to FileMaker and I'm trying to set up a program to create barcodes. So I have a set of instructions that look like this:

1. Create a script in the Code39 file that imports the data for a found

set of records directly from your database. Make sure that you import

the data into the same fields that you would use if you entered the

data by typing. You can add additional fields to the Code39 file if

needed for importing into and printing. You'll also want to set up a

print labels layout in the Code 39 file and create an accompany print

script. Note that you can copy a fully formatted bar code field from

the Fonts layout and paste it onto the print layout to save time with


2. The next step in your import script should be to perform the Get Bar

Codes Multiple script. This cycles through all the imported records

assigining the bar codes.

3. Next, add another perform script step, this time to execute your

print script.

4. Follow that by deleting all records to clean out the database and

set it up for another import.

5. Now create a script in your database that does two things:

(1) calls the import script in the Code39 file as an external script

(2) ends with a halt script step (to return you to your database

when all the previous actions are complete).

I am completely lost! Can anyone give me step by step intructions on how to write a script that will work?


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I don't think it needs to be that complicated...

I assume you're just trying to have printable barcodes for each record. Say you want to be able to print the record number as a barcode...

Just add another field to your database (calcRecordNumberBar).

The calculation will be "*" & recordNumber & "*"

(Code39 needs the stars before and after)

Put the field on a layout, set it to display in the barcode font, and disallow entry into field (to prevent people from changing the font).

If you wanted to print a found set of bar codes, simply go into list view (set the layout up so this works) and print.

Does this answer your question? I didn't really understand what you were trying to do.

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I've been using bar codes for some time, but I'm confused by the calculation which shows the leading and trailing * characters.

I have 2 methods for bar codes and neither use the *.

Can you explain ?

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Code 39 requires all bar codes to begin and end with an asterik, otherwise they should not scan.

Other symbologies, like UPC, have a fixed length so they don't need this type of character (they usually have a check figure instead).

So if your product number is 12345, and you want to be able to print that and scan it... you'd have to print *12345* in the Code 39 symbology if you want it to scan 12345.

Have you been having success with another method?

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This topic is 7820 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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