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need a workaround for a filmaker pro web database

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some colleagues of mine have created a database in filemaker pro and would like to publish it on our departments website.

for security reasons the network administrator would rather not have the database reside on the main server.

i have a g4 server running appleshare ip 6.3 which i use for the departmental intranet which is inside the firewall.

if i set up the fmp database on the g4 server does anyone know if it is at all possible to create an interface in a web page that the public would access from the main site.

The interface would be used to send queries the the fmp database on my g4 server inside the firewall and have the queried data returned to the user outside the firewall without him or her ever having directly interacted with the database.

i know it's a mouthful, but if anyone can help me with this one i would truly appreciate it.




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You shouldn't have a problem. I would make sure that the IP of the web server is set as a trusted IP in the FMP web sharing settings.

The easiest way to do it would be to set up a whole site on the G4 and them migrate the pages over to the web server that aren't generated by the FMP server. You can copy CDML query links straight from these pages to the web server pages as well.

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This topic is 8496 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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