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is possible to connect with a fmclient to a fmserver who is on another city ? example:

i'm in rome and i have a fmserver rel. 5.0; i m going to milan, can i have the connection with fmpro 5.0 with the server who is in rome via internet at the same mode end state of one of my connection in my LAN

thanks in advance

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Yes, you need the following:

1) Setup FM networking preferences to use TCP/IP

2) Have a static internet connection and IP addresses at the server.

3) In the client copy of FM, go to the "File" menu to "Open", click "Hosts", click "Specify Host...", and enter the IP address of the machine with FM Server.

Operation is exactly the same as over the LAN, except for performance. Performance will be heavily dependent upon the speed of your slowest internet connection. Remember that a T1 is still only 1.5BasedT, quite slow compared to a 100BasedT LAN.

Other approaches for enhancing speed include using methods of sending only KVM (Keyboard, Video, Mouse) data such as PC Anywhere, Tibuktu and on the high end Citrix Server. For a single user, the first two can work well and only require an extra available machine on the LAN with the server.


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And do not forget open the ports for TCP and UDP communications. Both ways.

FileMaker to FileMaker connection:

fmpro-internal 5003/tcp FileMaker, Inc. - Proprietary transport

fmpro-internal 5003/udp FileMaker, Inc. - Proprietary name binding

BTW -- I've tested FM on 115k and it is satisfactory for just the data, no pictures, scripts, just raw data. Actual throughput was 5-8 times faster due to good compression. You can start as minimal speed even on 64k, but everything is up to your design.

[ September 19, 2001: Message edited by: Anatoli ]

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This topic is 7554 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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