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Importing Photo Images


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Hello everyone!

I am making a database for photos of houses or vehicles. I have container fields to keep the photos, but I have a few questions about container fields and importing filters.

1) Pictures will almost always come off of a digital camera. From my Mac experience, the photos were in JPEG format. What image formats should be imported into FM?

2) I am testing this field with images from the Photoshop 6.0 Sample folder. I saved the image as a JPEG onto my desktop. When clicking Insert/Picture (A process I will script in the future) and point it to the picture I have saved, I either get a error message "Image Could not be imported. The filter could not import the selected file," or "JPEG ERROR" will appear in the container field. What formats will the filter allow? Are there size or rendering limits to FileMaker?

3) Is there a way for the container field to hold more than one image per record? For example, one record may have four images, and the user would use a button to scroll throught the images. Is this possible?

Thanks for ALL your input.


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Thanks for the reply, Dan

I installed FileMaker from a disc. It is version 5.0. [[don't ask where I got the CD]].

When you say "thats where the problem will pop up" do you mean specifically the errors?

Also, is anyone able to respond to the other questions about container fields?

I really appreciate the help.


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If you need to have more than 1 image per record you can use this options:

Create just one field ["images"] for each record and give it a repetition according to the maximum number of images you will need per record,

Create a number ["ref"] field with an autoentry of "1"

Create a Calculation field with this calculation (field format must be a Container)




and so on

Now make a script that allows you to increment the ref field - forward button will increase the ref field by one (and thus show the next repetition in the images field), and the back button will decrease the ref field by one (and thus show the previous repetition in the images field). Don't forget to cap the forward and back so that you can't set the ref field to a higher value than the maximum number of repetitions, or lower than 1.

On your layout put the Container calculation field and the back/forwards script buttons.

[ February 27, 2002, 05:18 AM: Message edited by: Julian Taylor ]

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This topic is 7388 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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