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Leb i Sol

Value List - Double Valu _single entry

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Hello People!

I need a little help with a value list...and I am sure this was asked before I just didn't know how to format the question. So please forgive me if this is double post.

here is what I managed to get to work in the list:


1 James

2 Smith

3 Rollings


etc... where user can "see" both values drop and only numbers are entered in the field as an actual value.

Now, the headacke part came about when I tried to generate another (Measurements) list as shown:

0.0625 ___1/16

0.125 ____1/8

0.25 _____1/4

0.5 ______1/2

1 ________1

I would like users to see the ratios but enter decimals since it (the eneterd numbers) will be used in further calcualtions!

Any thoughts would be apprechiated!

Again, thank you!

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Hi Leb,

I just tried it and it works, just the same as the valuelist in your first post in this thread.

Did you try it yourself? What problem did you run into?



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Hey Ernest!

Thanx for the respond....I whish I could say what the problem is. The enrty simply is a questionmaker "?" instead of a decimal number. And yes, the first list (Number (space) Characters) worked but not the one where I attempt to use "decimal __ rational" format. frown.gif

so to re-cap this DOES work and is acceptable ???


0.0625 Sixtenth

0.125 Eight

0.25 Quarter

0.5 Half

1 Whole


but this would be better:


0.0625 _________1/16

0.125 __________1/8

0.25 ___________1/4

0.5 ____________1/2

1 ______________1


any thoughts?

is this the only format that the list will work or can one mix (decimal.number (space---characters) fraction/number)?


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Hi Leb(?)

When I first tried it, I had two text field. That worked OK.

I changed the first text field to number field, still worked.

See attached folder with two files for details. Start the file 'calls' first.

Hope this helps,




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Thank you Ernest!

It works smile.gif. The difference between your and mine approcah was that you used 2 fileds while my "attemept" was to use the list directly by making it a custom list and typeing the info in it.

I am still trying to digest the FM concept of creating another and another and antother field in order to accomplish something...that "looks" simple.I am a bit mad at FM that I have to create an additional file just to accomodate this ???|< <--- yes, this is my mad face smile.gif

Anywhow, thank you very much!

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Actually, no need for a second file here if what you want are these fixed fractions.

2 fields.

- Field 1 ---> textfractions (text)

- A custom value list with






- Field 2 ---> numfrections(numcalc) = Case(textfractions="1/16", 0.0625, textfractions="1/8", 0.125,textfractions="1/4", 0.25,textfractions="1/2", 0.5,textfractions="1", 1)

Now you can use a workaround as for hiding the numfrections behind the textfractions field...

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Hey Ugo!

Thanx for the tip....the only problem here is I don't know how to "lock" the 1st record so it does NOT get deleted.If I populate those fields with a set values I would like to make sure they don't get deleted 2 months from now smile.gif. User will have a full access to the file...If I used your technique ..I guess a new post here: "How to protect an X set of records from being deletes (no password)?"


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Either Ernst solution or the last provided suits your needs for that too.

Just use a validate by calculation.

There is currently a thread on the subject, and I'm quite sure either Ernst and I gave similar solution grin.gif

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