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a simple portal..

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Hello All,

Please help.. I just want to make a simple portal

in my email DB thats shows the emailaddress field of all

found records in my main DB....

I'm just not Getting it...



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Hi Erick,

Well, you've not said much about what you don't *get* ooo.gif Are you having problems creating a portal or are your results not what you want? A portal should be placed in your MAIN dB and will show related records. Your post sounds like you're trying to place the portal in your related dB.

So your main dB would show a portal of your related email dB. If your main record has a related email record (or records) they will display in the portal if you place your email field (from email dB) in the portal.

If you could explain a bit more about what you have tried (indicate your main and related dB names and email fields) and what your problem is, we'll be able to help you more smile.gif



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Hi Erick,

Unfortunately, portals are *not* restricted to a found set in the child (related) file. They will show all records that match the relationship.

So, you need to make your relationship based on something that will return what it is you want to see. In this case, use a field in both files that will bring in the expected results. Good examples would be Company ID for all emails for a particular company. A Group ID to return members of a particular Group, etc.




LaRetta anwser came in while I was off composing this, sorry if there is conflecting or duplicate information


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>Unfortunately, portals are *not* restricted to a found set in the child (related) file....

...but you can perform a find, "flag" those found records by inserting a value in a flag field, and then base the relationship on that.

This is for Situations where you have complex find requests which cannot be calculated. script would be like this:

perform find, NOT stored request


show omitted

replace (flagfield,"")

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A Simple Portal !

Keeping almost Christian's idea....

Create a layout in the related db with only one field ("contact_ID" in that case)- Call it "FoundsLayout"

Create a global or preferably a text field called "Founds_Ids"

Then create a script in the "related file"

Script 1:

Perform Find

(Whatever your script does search)

Go to Layout "FoundsLayout"

Go to Field "Contact_ID"

Copy all records

And another in the "Main File"

Script 2 :

Go to Layout (where your "Founds_Ids" is)

Go to Field (Select "Founds_Ids")


Go to Layout (where your portal is)

The final script, attached to a button near the portal would be :

PerformExternal (Script 1)


Now, you would need to create a portal with relationship :


Ultimately, if your querry was to display "ALL" records from your file in a portal, this is made by a ConstantSelfJoin relationship with a constant key for left side (makes it a global and populate it with a 1---> g_constant) and a constant match for right side (indexed calculation = 1---> c_indexconstant)

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