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4fax plugin syntax question


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Probably a newbie question...but I guess that's just what I am.

Trying to make FMP send faxes through the 4fax plugin (http://www.tribord.fr), I'm having some syntax problems.

For example the syntax for the script step 4FaxStartMessage is

External ("4FaxStartMessage"; parameter)

In the manual I read this command should be used like this :(

External ("4FaxStartMessage"; From | Subject | CoverPage)

The script step External("4FaxStartMessage"; fromfield )

is accepted, but what do I do when I want to use the other parameters (Subject and CoverPage) too?

For all I know the "|" sign in a syntax means I have to choose from one of the given possibilities. I've tried with comma's and spaces etc. but no luck.

Please help.

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I have not used this plug-in, but general usage is to actually include multiple parameters separated by "|". My guess is that you can make "From" either a field or literal text in quotations.

Thanks for the tip on the 4Fax plug-in. I wasn't aware that an actual plug-in for 4SightFax existed. I've been using FaxIT with an older version of 4SightFax, which is driven with scripted AppleEvents.


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The plugin is for the 4SightFax version 4, and they're giving it away for FREE because 4SF v5 has arrived.

In the meantime the guys from tribord have answered that the "|"-sign is in fact the separator for the different values, so the correct usage would be :

External ("4FaxStartMessage"; fromvalue | Subjectvalue | CoverPagevalue)

4fax needs all of the 3 parameters, they can't be applied separately, except for the first one.



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Is anyone using the new 4-sight fax v5 with their faxpack plug-in the handle all the requests?

I have been trying to test it but am running into a wall when trying to attach a separate image file to go along with the fax.

Does anyone know if the folks at Tribord and their plug-in allow for attachments via some getPath function?



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This topic is 7334 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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