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Transparent Logo on PC?

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Does anyone know if it is possiable to make a logo transparent (no white background) with FM on a pc. I even tried creating a logo using illustrator on the mac and saving it as a eps but the pc wants to put a white background around it. I tried several file formats eps, gif, svg, tiff and jpg but no go. The logo image is transparent on the mac but not in windows. Anyone experienced this issue before?

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Hi mzimm,

Find someone that has a Mac ... beg, borrow, steal if you have to and use the Mac. Then copy them to Windows and don't ever change them. They'll stay perfectly transparent. If you manipulate them, they become garbage and you'll have to do it again.

I have a Graphics db with 14,600 icons and buttons - it's a bit of a passion. But 20% have white backgrounds and are worthless to me since my designs are always coloured. I hold onto them just looking for the right poor person to let me convert them. Some are gorgeous! And, once converted, I'll keep them virgin on my Windows system. smile.gif

ps. I have a Mac on my wish list for this and other reasons - particularly testing xplat. But I've concluded that I need one of every OS and one of every version of FM to properly test and cover my b___ from running into glitches! Oh ... and one of every make and model of printer ever made. crazy.gifgrin.gif


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This topic is 7571 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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