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Field Modification Date

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Is there any way that I can monitor when a specific field is altered. I have a a text field in my system that is a withdrawl flag and removes them from being included in a script that collates all the entries made on the system. Unfortunately I am finding that a specific user is withdrawing them after this script has been run and is saying that the record had been withdrawn and should never have been included. Unfortunately other sections of the record are being constantly updated so I can not use a standard modification date field.

Can I define a field that will only enter a date when this specific field has been modified.



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Hi Sean,

As you might suspect, this topic has been discussed in the past. I sure if you do a find for Field Modification or Audit Trail, you will find plenty of information. Also, you can download these files for examples of how to do it.

Audit History of Fields Rick Knight


Comprehensive Audit Tracking System Ray J. Cologon


Field Modification John Mark Osborne


Field Modification Tracker Bob Cusick


Modification Times Alberto Diaz-Hermidas


Tracking Modifications Steve Wilmes



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1. Create a calculated numeric field, SERIAL = status(CurrentRecordID)

2. Create a calculated numeric field, MATCH = case(IsEmpty(YourField),SERIAL, SERIAL)

3. Create a self-join relationship, SELF~JOIN~MATCH, based on MATCH

4. Duplicate the field you want monitored, YourField, and rename the new field to YourField_Old

5. Change the properties of YourField_Old to be a lookup, via the SELF~JOIN~MATCH, of YourField

6. Create a text field, LOG

7. Create a calculated text field, CHANGES = "On " & DateToText (Status(CurrentDate)) & ", at " & TimeToText(Status(CurrentTime)) & ", " & Status(CurrentUserName) & " changed the field " & "YourField"

& "

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This topic is 7570 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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