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I have a portal containing 1 to 10 related records. I need to copy the information contained within this portal and append it to a text field in the current record.

I've tried using the "go to portal row / next" and manually copy and paste the information. The first portal row copies and pastes just fine, but after the next portal row command, it doesn't work.

I've tried referencing specific portal row numbers since there can only be a max of 10 related records in the portal, but no dice.

I've tried referencing the related records in the external file but don't really know how to do that properly without switching to the other file, which would be bad for the GUI operations.

Question: Can anyone shed some light on how I might copy fields out of the (up to 10) portal rows in the current record and then paste that information into a text field within the current record?

Any help would be greatly appreciated, i've worked hard getting this to work and ran out of options.

Brian Booker

Matrix Development


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Perhaps you should try getting rid of the copy/paste combination and use Set Field instead.

# Clear the Local_Field.

Set Field [ Local_Field, "" ]

# Make sure you're in the right relationship.

Go to Field [ Relationship::Related_Field ]

Go to Portal Row [ First ]


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You might also try this.

Goto Related file.

Run External Script that takes you to a layout with only the filed you want on the layout. Perform a Copy All records. The orignal script takes up and paste the contents of all the realted records into the single text filed of the current record, with a return mark between each value.

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This topic is 7882 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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