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Linking script to short cut key?

Adam AIS

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I am working on a project for a client of mine. The client is familiar with a set of keyboard short cuts using the "F" keys to complete many of the functions my database will support.

My question is if any of you have had any experience linking an "F" key (or any key) to a script which would then switch the layouts or another action?

Thanks a lot!

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Hello adam_ais,

Some of the answers here are in the 'if only you had a mac' vein. However even if you have a mac, I suspect you can't count on your client having one (and even if they happen to have one now, that may not always be the case).

adam_ais said:

Thanks... Are you aware of any such plugin? Thanks!

Yes, there are plug-ins that can assign customized shortcut keys to scripts and/or other FileMaker commands. The two best known examples are:

MenuMagic - from New Millennium Communications:


MenuControl - from Dacons International:


Each of these works rather differently, so you'd be well advised to download a demo and check them out in detail before decising which (if either) may be best suited to your current need. wink.gif

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This topic is 7562 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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