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I don't know about OS/app limits on size BUT in some cases with images it could be useful to use a related database as a storage tank for images, leaving only tags in the main one... the reasons would be ease of frequent backup of data file (assuming images don't change as often as other info) and the possibility of saving diskspace when two the same image can serve two or more records or multiple fields within a record...

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Problem is putting it mildly. From what I've heard, total destruction is more like it. At 2 GB, the file overwrites itself, turning into a jumbled mess.

There is a status function, Status(CurrentFileSize), which may help. It has one drawback in functionality. When you delete an image, the file remains the same until you close it, or Save a Copy compressed.

But it's better than nothing. Use it for a big red warning! Divide the bytes by 1024 to get Kilobytes.

The related file sounds like a good interface idea. You'd still have the 2 GB limit on each for image entry, but you could spread the images across a few files, while keeping the main interface so it all looks like the same file.

You'd probably want to switch layouts according to which relationship would be valid for a particular record.

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Or you could store a reference to the image file, that way it's not bloating the database file. I should probably work for Troi as much as I talk about it, but the File plug-in helps a lot in these situations!

The problem is that you would either have to:

1. Start storing references now. That means the database has both stored and unstored items which could cause problems if you have to move the database or the image files.


2. Re-create your image records all using the store a reference option.

Fenton is right about the 2GB limit. Make sure you keep an eye out for that.

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This topic is 7557 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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