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Portals not pulling through all data


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We have set up a portal through a relationship from one file (called Leads) to a file named Line Items. The records in Line items were initially created through yet another portal through the file Orders. Line items are related to Orders through the field Order Number. When they are created a field called Account Number is populated with a Lookup. The file Leads has a portal into Line Items using the field Account Number. When I enter an account number in Leads some but not all of the records in Line Items appear. In every case, the missing records have a different Order Number than the records that appear although Order Number is not used in the relationship between Leads and Line Items. What gives? The portal seems to be filtering out certain Order Numbers and we don't know why. In the name of full disclosure, while initially creating the file Leads we created a relationship to Orders based on Order Number and subsequently deleted this relationship.


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At first, check that the lookup has been succesfully implemented, which would be the asy answer.

If not, check the relationship definition again and make sure all fields in portals are using this same relationship.

Finally, check the fields you're using for the relationship...

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This topic is 7561 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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