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Go to First Position of a field


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I have a stamp script that will put a date/time stamp in a field for when comments are added. It works ok, except that I want it to go to the top first posistion in the field before stamping instead of the end.

I looked around a little, and tried a couple of things, but couldn't realize a way to do it (I give myself a C- for effort, though). I was hoping that someone had done this before and had a ready-made calculation, so I can save precious brain cells that haven't already been destroyed by drugs and alcohol! wink.gif


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Thanks for your guys' replies.

John: I'm feeling you, but this would put the stamp at the top which is good, but it would not put the cursor below the stamp and above the other contents. That DOES solve the problem, sort of.

Lee: I'm glad you pointed me to that site (the flash version of the site put my resources on blast, though). He realized the same problem I did: you cannot position the cursor at the beginning of a field w/text using script steps.

Although I would prefer to use just one field and one script to accomplish this (whoa, that's asking too much), I think this solution works the best because it sorts it by date, and I can tweak it a little.

Thanks again guys,


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Hi Ugo:

You are right - there is no need for Insert Calc Result here, but there is no need not to either. I just wanted something that would put that info in the field and not clear the current contents (the way set field would).

I appreciate your suggestion, but this does not put the cursor after the stamp and before the text thats already in that field. I am going to stick with Osbourne's sample that Lee gave.

Thanks all


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This topic is 7542 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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