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Searching by Date

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Boy do I feel stupid -- I've worked with Filemaker a few months now, but cannot do this simple task. I've searched my FM bible and the Help Index to no avail.

If I want to search for records by Date -- such as Date Last Modified -- and for example, just want to isolate the records for 2001 by performing a Find using "2001" -- I get a message, "Must be entered in x/y/zz format" and it cancels the Find.

I've tried using a DateToText field to do a similar numerical search but it says "No Records Found." Does my date field need to be formatted in a special way for me to be able to search by Date?

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Create A calculation:

Year(Modified date) Result Number

This should give you the 4 digit year.

You could search this field for "2001"

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