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Data Carry Forward


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Hi all,

I'm in the process of designing a large system for CD sales data for royalties. The sales data comes with the album name, sales numbers, returns etc every month, from 8 different regions and sub-regions around the world. Once that is imported they need to be tallied by region.

Thats easy enough, but the real kicker is that each album have a 'unit reserve' every 3 or 6 months. Which is 25% of that periods' net sales. That has to be then carried over and added to the next sales period. I'm not only stumped on how to create a carry over procedure, if an album has no sales (therefore not in a sales report) but have a unit reserve carry over, it will not be on the report (if it run the report with the sale records for a period). Also, since it is an accounting system, its also has to track changes, and keep some sort of history incase sales data is inserted post report.

*sigh* Can you tell lawyers designed the way this works? (this in only a small section of it)

Could anyone point me in the right direction? How would some of your handle this? I have a feeling this could be a simple reorganization, but my brain in locked frown.gif

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Well, if you need a report that shows each CD's total sales for a given period, but then don't want it to show as a sales report, then you could build it either in the "Product File" or script a new dummy file just with one record per Product and it's related "total sales for that period".

The "25% of that periods' net sales" could then be evaluated and stored back in the product file.

Now, what could be a 25% reserve for a 0 sale would just need to be determined by the board. Could be based on the prior period where this product was sold, nah ?

Then, I'd go for the script in a dummy file, with an If script that checks for a valid relationship in the Sales Line Item.

May be, may be not. Hopes this can unlock your brain... crazy.gif

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Thats for the input Ugo, I have started using a dummy/temp file for what I'm doing. It should seem possible, but there are other complexities, for example, I have to mimic a existing report, which has a CD sub-summarized by region, but then has two columns as regions too (I blame the lawyers again).

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This topic is 7509 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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