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Market estimation...

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Does anyone know how I can get an estimation of the number of FileMaker users in France, or in Europe at least.

This would give me a first view of my future market.

4D were prompt to react but no news from FMI so far.

I was wndering if there were some financial datas or something public about it.


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Ugo, don't limit yourself. Your market is not only - or even mainly - existing FileMaker users/customers.

I believe you'll find that the people who you'll find need the services of a developer the most will be many of those who don't have a database at all at present - not to mention many of those who have had less-than-ideal experiences with a 'competing' product.

In general, existing users of the product are busy developing their own databases and are hard to impress.

If you want to know the market potential, perhaps the pertinent question is how many members of the population in France/Europe are *not* yet using FMI's products. wink.gifsmirk.gif

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True Ray,

I'm not planning to visit France's FileMaker buggy dbs with a screwdriver neither... smirk.gif

The fact is that I've been asked twice already to argument on FileMaker.

Not surprisingly, France is not a country for innovations and risks.

It was probably the latest european country to promote Internet, and same was for mobile phones.

Though, when French people gets confident with something, it's all win and wide opened market for sure.

That's my brief analysis of my wife and kids country.... smile.gif

Then the more info you give, the more confidence you create.

From the time I took the appointment and our meeting, these 2 customers had documented themselves with existing standard Computer magazines, and a few phone calls.

So that when I presented the solution, MacWorld was on the dexk and all they had in mouth was 4D and Oracle.

There are chances I'd end re-building my files with 4D, while I have a ready FM build solution to buy. Irritating !

Thanks for the good words Dan. smirk.gif

And Anatoli, have you ever sent your curriculum to FMI (for fun !) laugh.gif

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Hi Ugo,

They're obviously reading the wrong magazines. confused.gif Maybe you should gather together some of the many press release URLs such as:





On the other hand, -- get them to price an Oracle implementation. Then they may begin to see things a little differently... shocked.gifwink.gif

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This topic is 7480 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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