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Internet Explorer vs. Netscape

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I finally wrote a decent database for indexing a weekly newspaper. I want to thank everyone who gave me various hints on how to solve a number of problems. I learned a lot.

However, there is one big problem that I can

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I have had problems with Netscape and xml/xsl stylesheets displaying filemaker data. It says there is a problem displaying the stylesheet so I don't know. I tend to not use Netscape but I have noticed that the same problem arises with other browsers including mozilla. Internet Explorer is the only browser I have had any luck with.

Justin Grewe

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I have found out some information that sheds a little light on this problem of browsers.

1. When one uses IWP (don't know if this is the same with CWP), one can choose different styles in Web Companion. The only two styles that are compatible with both IE and Netscape are Fren Green and Blue and Gold II. I had thought that since I did not want the status area to be visible, this didn't make any difference (because the different styles give you different looking status areas).

The above was suggested to me by FileMaker. It did not solve the problem.

2. I called FM back and they fessed up to two things. One, they have sat two people down in front of two Mac computers both using Netscape. One could see a database as designed and the other couldn't. They do not know why.

However, FileMaker doesn't support Netscape so they don't care to solve this problem. That's good to know!

3. We switch the FM database to a Windows OS. The database could be seen as we designed it in both IE and Netscape. So it appears that the problem is in the interface between Mac and Netscape. This temporary change won't do us any good because our server is OSX and our main client uses Netscape.

So we are now on square two, but no solution yet.


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one of the facts that I had issue accpeting was....

IWP is simply NOT worth the time if you want to publish something meaningful and decent looking!.[period]

so I would start reading through CDML forum...

having accepted the fact...what are your skils in web design and what programming languages do you know?

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This topic is 7471 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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