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PHP, FX, and LinkNext


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I am trying to switch from CDML to PHP. It's going SLOOOOOW!

Using this link: server ip/bookmarks/bookmarks.php?Category=Teacher+Resources

I get 81 links in my database. That's what is supposed to happen. But I do not want all 81 showing at the same time, so I am limiting the number that are displayed. I can't get the equivalent of [FMP-LinkNext] to work.

I copied the code from the FX documentation and adapted it to my database:

if (strlen($BookmarksData['linkNext']) < 1) {

echo "<span class="medgraytext">Next</span>n";

} else {

echo '<a href="'.$BookmarksData['linkNext']."" class="bbody">Next</a>n";


My problem: The link that is returned looks like this:

server ip/php/php.exe?skip=30&Category=Teacher+Resources

I'm guessing it should look like this:

server ip/bookmarks/bookmarks.php?skip30&Category=Teacher+Resources

although I'm not even sure about that because I'm not sure that the skip is working the way it's supposed to.

Any suggestions?


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It sounds like the installation of PHP is a bit off, or perhaps you're calling your PHP script in an odd manner. The FX class generates 'linkNext' by taking the name of the current script and appending the query string to the current PHP script name, and adjusting the "skip" parameter in the query string. Since your 'linkNext' contains the path to the PHP.EXE, I think your web server might be forwarding requests to the PHP engine incorrectly.

What web server and version of it are you using? What version of PHP are you using? Which platform are you using it on? Did you install PHP as a plug-in or as a module on the web server?

How are you accessing the web page? Are you opening a local browser window and typing in a url like "http://localhost/bookmarks/bookmarks.php?category=teacher+resources"? Or are you calling the PHP.EXE program in some other manner (perhaps from the command line)?

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I am using Apache 2.0.48 on WinXP. PHP is 4.3.4. I installed it as a plug-in.

I'm accessing the webpage by opening a browser window and going to http://localhost/bookmarks/index.php

On this page are 7 categories. Clicking on a category such as "Teacher Resources" takes me to http://localhost/bookmarks/bookmarks.php?Category=Teacher+Resources

This page (bookmarks.php) contains the 'linkNext' error.

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This topic is 6769 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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