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Button vs. Radio

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I had posted a question a while back, but it was among those deleted by the hacker situation. Using the example below, how would I do two things:

Use <input type="button" ...> instead of <input type="radio"...> and get the data posted the same as when using "radio", PLUS making the click sound, and change the look of the button so the person knows the button has been clicked. (I would prefer to use my own buttons to the ugly gray default ones.) I tried this, but it didn't work:

<INPUT type = "button" name="Q2TRAD" value="1"

The button changes, but the data does not go to the database. I have all the proper headers at the top of the page because all fields post except this one.

Another attempt was this:

<INPUT type="hidden" name="Q2TRAD">

<a href="#" onClick="document.dbname.fp5.Q2TRAD.value='1';"><img src="button1.gif"></a>

What am I doing wrong. Here is the actual question with response list:

During the current two year cycle, how many times do you teach/have you taught Traditions?





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<INPUT type = "button"

buttons are just buttons....such as button to submit form or reset it.they initialte actions and pass but do not accept values...think of it as a starter to your car......fields are passangers. U fill up your car with the passangers and then start your car.

what u can have is hidden fields with some information and then use the "sbumit" button to submit the form. Also, (what u have tried with the sample here) u can use "links" to behave as "submit" buttons--mening that when the link is clicked it will beahve as a submit of the form.

Instead of radio buttons (different from Form Button) u can check boxes. The main difference is that radio butons can be grouped= only one choice, while checkboxes can not:


---radio group: purchase a car----

o Audi


o Ford

----------------------------------- where u would go for 1 or ther other

----chekcbox: gorcery list------

[] bread

[] milk

[] ham

[] eggs

------------------------------where u can have all or as many as u want!

hm....sorry if I simplified it beyond neccessary!

All the best!

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Sorry, you didn't exactly simplify it. Do I need a "submit" for each question that I use a graphic button for? All my questions submit EXCEPT the ones I assigned the button to. The radio buttons, the check boxes, the select menus, the text boxes--everything on the form works fine except those buttons. I've seen lots of web forms where buttons are used instead of the ugly little circles, but can't figure out how to replicate them. Is what I'm trying to do impossible?

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This topic is 7466 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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