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Validation of fields only on export - better way?

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Hi everyone,

I have a database which basically tracks the contract status on purchases of units. This data then gets exported and uploaded via ftp to an online settlement calendar for the purchasers to view.

I can't have the field validation "not empty" because the contracts are all at various stages, so a lot of fields wont' be completed. However to be uploaded certain fields must contain a value.

What I am therefore trying to do, is:

Run a script that exports all "valid" records

If invalid records exist, go to a layout displaying those records that got rejected. (would be even better if it could display where it stuffed up since there are sooo many fields).

So i'm guessing perhaps the only way is to do a case statement on blank? or a loop through the fields?... Remember that none of the fields are compulsory until exportation, and even then, that does not include all fields (only those being exported).

Hope that makes sense. I just wanted some guidance on the appropriate way of dealing with it before i wrote a case statement as long as my arm!


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You may have a calculation return some mark for you to use.

I'd go for something like

Mark = Case(not IsEmpty(field1), "-"),"")&Case(not IsEmpty(field2), "-"),"")&Case(not IsEmpty(field3), "-"),"")&Case(not IsEmpty(field4), "-"),"")....

Then track the number of "-" with Patterncount.

Then, place what should be the valid number of "-" in some global or calculation, establish a relationship from this field to the Mark, and trigger a GTRR that will only show these records that should get exported

There may be other solutions...


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This topic is 6551 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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