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Smart ranges: only records that fall into a period


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Congratualtions to the developer of the smart ranges concept. We also got it working.

Now i think i have a misunderstanding.

Suppose i want to find records that have a starting date of 1 may 2004 and end date 5 may 2004.

With our current multikey approach we also find records with periode 3 may 2004 until 10 may 2004

and records with period 15 april 2004 until 43 may 2004.

Actually i only want to find records with a starting date before 1 may AND end date after 5 may.

Okay, i can use a caluclation field.

But is their a solution in the multikey itself.

Suggestions are welcome

Thanks Jitse

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Sorry everyone. I had posted an answer that upon further thinking, I realized wasn't what the poster had meant. The problem is, I had deleted the post (once) at the edit level, and then got interrupted before clicking on the "are you sure you want to delete this post" button, so now there is a whole.

The reason I tried to delete it was I realized that he was using the Date Range file by Mikhail Edoshin, and I had forgot that he has a past and future date range in it.

Lee blush.gif

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Thanks Lee,

Actuaally i am refering to the smart ranges solution as developed by Mihail Edoshin.

When i use the word find i mean presnting related records in a portal.

Mikhail has developed a multi key approach that makes it possible to quickly find related records based on matching periods (from start to end).

So my question is ; is it possible to modify this "multiple key approach" to display related records in a portal that matches the criteria : the range falls between the range of the portal record.

So my range to find is 3 may 2004 until 16 may 2004.

records to display for example

1 may 2004 until 20 may 2004

records not to display

20 april 2004 until 6 may 2004

and also not

8 may 2004 until 20 november 2004.

Somehow i think that this issue is not covered with the multikey approach.

Someone with a solution


Thanks Jitse

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Hello Jitse, Hi Lee,

The most common applications of multikey range filtering (including the method described by Mikhail Edoshin) are directed at finding any and all records in which one or more of the date or dates appearing in the related data overlap or coincide with the range you specify. The 'Rolling Date' demo that Lee mentions does not use Mikhail's 'Smart Ranges' method, but is still essentially dealing with overlapping dates and/or ranges.

It appears from your description, Jitse, that what you want is a filter system which will return those records in which *all* the dates between start and finish fall within your specified range, rather than merely where an overlap occurs. Whilst that is possible, the Smart Ranges technique does not directly lend itself to such an application and neither do most other multikey filtering systems, including the Rolling Date Range System. You will require a slightly different approach.

I suggest that instead, you take a look at an alternative demo which is also available from my web site. It is at:


It appears under the heading 'Inclusive Date Ranges' near the bottom of the page. It shows an alternative technique by which two ranges can be matched, where overlap is not a sufficient condition to make the match - the technique requires that one range fall entirely within the other.

In this implementation the technique supports ranges of up to 365 days, and can be used in either direction, so that:

a) Only related ranges which are fully encompassed by the filter range are displayed, *or*

: Only related ranges which fully encompass the filter range are displayed.

It just depends which files the two counterpart multikey formulae are placed in. cool.gif

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This topic is 6546 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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