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Prevent duplicate entry in repeating field

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Assume this situation: A repeating text field with 10 cells. A unique alpa-numeric is placed (barcode scan) into each cell. What I want to is to prevent the dulpication of an entry that currently exists in this field. In other words I don't want the same barcode data to be used twice within the 10 cells. Can't quite fiqure out how to do this via field validation and scripting would inpracticle for the specific user.

Any suggestions?

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Maybe something like this. Make a second field that's a concatonation of the repetitons:

concat =

GetRepetition(repeat,1) & ", " & GetRepetition(repeat,2) & ", " & GetRepetition(repeat,3) & ", " & GetRepetition(repeat,4) & ", " & GetRepetition(repeat,5) & ", " & GetRepetition(repeat,6) & ", " & GetRepetition(repeat,7) & ", " & GetRepetition(repeat,8) & ", " & GetRepetition(repeat,9) & ", " & GetRepetition(repeat,10)

Then, for the field definition:

PatternCount(concat, GetRepetition(repeat,1)) < 2 and

PatternCount(concat, GetRepetition(repeat,2)) < 2 and

PatternCount(concat, GetRepetition(repeat,3)) < 2 and

PatternCount(concat, GetRepetition(repeat,4)) < 2 and

PatternCount(concat, GetRepetition(repeat,5)) < 2 and

PatternCount(concat, GetRepetition(repeat,6)) < 2 and

PatternCount(concat, GetRepetition(repeat,7)) < 2 and

PatternCount(concat, GetRepetition(repeat,8)) < 2 and

PatternCount(concat, GetRepetition(repeat,9)) < 2 and

PatternCount(concat, GetRepetition(repeat,10)) < 2

Of course, if you allow overriding it, then any time any repetition changes, it will cause the warning to appear again. So you'll probably have to make it strict.


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This topic is 6546 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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