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Web Sharing Problems


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I have gone through the routine to publish Filemaker on the web with mixed results. Some people get on some don't. On one friend's computer, I am able to log onto the file on the his local computer using either http://LAN-IP:port or http://WAN-IP:port. On mine, this doesn't work. It says it can't find the server, though it finds the server fine when I use port 80. (I am using port 8081 for Filemaker). One friend is able to log onto my published Filemaker and also onto his locally published filemaker, while when I try to log onto his Filemaker remotely, his Filemaker goes into spinning disk mode and he has to force quit the software. This latter seems to mean that I am knocking on the door, but things are getting hung up somehow.

Any ideas? I hate these inconsistent results. It doesn't leave much to hang onto.

Are there any particular ports Filemaker likes or dislikes? I can log onto my own computer using this syntax http://LAN-IP:80 and when I try http://LAN-IP:8081 I get a server not found error. I've tried other ports with similar errors. My router is set up correctly to forward the right ports.

Any Windows/MacIntosh issues I should know about?


Version: v5.x

Platform: Mac OS X Panther

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This topic is 6523 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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