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Filemaker Default Date Format

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Hi guys i have some queries about filemaker date format..

Is filemaker date format default at month,day,year? Or is it possible for me to change the date format to day,month,year like change the date function to

'Date(Day,Month,Year)' instead of the usual 'Date(month ,day, year)'.

I've already set filemaker to 'Use System Format' and changed the date format of date fields to how i want it to look like, but yet i'm still unable to make ALL the dates in my system to be in the format that i want it to be.

An example would be the admin staff can search/print out reports between dates and the report would have a header showing the date range the reports belong to.. the dates were keyed in a DD/MM/YY format and it displays the date in a DD/MM/YY format as well, but when i go to the report page the date goes back to the original MM/DD/YY again...

All help will be greatly appreciated...

FileMaker Version: 6

Platform: Windows 95/98

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Have you checked the date formatting on your report page?

The Date( ) function returns a date based on your system settings, I believe. And no, you can't change the order of its parameters, just like you can't change the Position( ) function from Position(text, search string, start, occurrence) to Position(start, text, search string, occurrence). wink.gif

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Hi queue.. I have already done tht.. set the date format to a DD/MM/YY one..

but in the report, it is still showing as a mm/dd/yy format.. Help!! grin.gif

Does the date formattin works for a global text field.. Or must i change it to a global date field before it will work?

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Aha! Date formatting only works for a date field. But if you want a text field formatted as a date, you can Set Field [ ] exactly the way you want it to appear.

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This topic is 6505 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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