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large text to new records by paragraph separation?

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I have a very large text file that has 2 paragraph returns between each paragraph. I would like that file which is quite large placed in a field called "wholetext" to spit out each paragraph as a new record in another file called paragraphs with a field called "paragraph" . Can this or how can this be done with a text calculation.



FileMaker Version: 7

Platform: Mac OS X Panther

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Fields are determine by Tabs (or commas depending on text file format being imported), and records are determined by a single paragraph return between records.

If I'm understanding you correctly, you have a file (text) that you want to split into two fields on import (if so, substitute the two returns with a single tab.

If they are wanting the to become separate records however, then substitute the a single return for the two return.

If this isn't what you asking, or if this doesn't do what you want, a sample of the text file, and FileMaker file (or Field names), is usually more helpful when we are trying to help.



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I have a large text file with 2 paragraph returns to separate the paragraphs .

The catch is that sometimes the paragraph itself has some tabs within it that throws off the whole thing.

So I could convert all tabs to spaces I guess and then convert the 2 paragraph returns to one tab.

In any event I understand I could do this from an import. But I was wanting to make some kind of script that would do it in filemaker . I would like the script to select the next body of information and place it in a field in another file. But it doesn't seem to work because I cannot find ^p or ^t in the find replace function of Filemaker which really is too bad.

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If your text is already in FileMaker, and you have used these ^p and ^t in your text already, in order to replace them with an actual paragraph and tabs, you would need search for them by enclosing them in quotations marks (i.e. "^p" and "^t"). To replace them with a paragraph and tab, you need to use the paragraph symbol "

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This topic is 6499 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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