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need script to switch printers

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I am using version 4.1 of FileMaker for Windows and have created a script that needs to print to two different printers. I would like to write scripts so that the printer setup is restored so that the program automatically prints one layout to a dotmatrix printer, then the script continues and goes into another database and prints another layout to a laser printer. However, I cannot seem to get the script(s) to change the printer it is outputting too. It seems that all the script are automatically changed to the last printer used, even though I have checked the "restore" box in the script printer setup function. Can anyone help me determine how I can have a script change printers back-and-forth?

FileMaker Version: 4

Platform: Windows 2000

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I know this thread is a few months old, but this still might help somebody somewhere (especially since the link posted by -Queue- appears to be broken).

I have recently been working with the "Change Printer" plugin by Productive Computing. So far I have been able to allow users to click on a button within FileMaker and change FileMaker's default printer. I am designing my scripts to work with Mac OS 9, Mac OS X and Windows on up to 10 printers so far, and it appears as if I am making progress...

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This topic is 6195 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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