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Coming Soon Round Robin Tournament that will support upto 12 teams per record.. Schedule is pre-built into the many calcultions.

Stats Screens keeps Win - Loss records. See the Picture for Preview. Will post file soon..... v6, v7

Still looking for that big FileMaker Project.


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And here is the version for FileMaker 7. Pretty much the same as

FM6 ver. except I had to trick the record counter and set it to -1 in order for

the script to create enough records. Also as everyone knows by know the Font S.......s.

anyone find and errors , fix em and let me know.

Round Robin v7_2.zip Edited graphics , but not sure if they work on Mac OSX. Please let me know if 3 Metal lines separters show.

My Old I-Book upgraded to OSX Panther still will not allow me to install FM Demo.

Round Robin v7_3.zip Mac Script TallyTeam8 corrected.

Round Robin v7_3.zip

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