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Calculations in Sub-Summary Part

John May

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I have what I thought was a pretty simple task, but it didn't quite work.

I work for a school district. One of the schools gave me a file of course and grade data. They wanted to know "what percent of students passed each course?

I created a calculated Case field (Pass Calc) to determine if the the grade was "passing" or not (if passing, "1", otherwise "0"). Then I created a summary field (Total Pass) to sum Pass Calc. I also have a summary field to count the number in each course (Class Count).

The layout has only a sub-summary part (when sorted by Course Name). In that part I have Course Name, Total Pass, Class Count. This works fine.

The problem arose when I tried to calculate the percent passed for each class by simply dividing Total Pass by Class Count in the same sub-summary line. Instead of getting the percent for each class, I got the total percent for the entire population.

Picture of Layout and Previewed page attached.

Shouldn't I be able to calculate this? What have I done structurally wrong?

FileMaker Version: 6

Platform: Mac OS 9


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You want to use the GetSummary function. Using summary fields in a calculation like that will give you a result based on every record in the found set. Try something like GetSummary( TotalPass, Course ) / GetSummary( TotalInClass, Course ) and format it as a percentage.

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This topic is 6488 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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