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FM5 to FM7 - Relationship help

Art Reasonover

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Hey there, I'm trying to build a new FM7 Costume Breakdown from and old FM5 one. In the old I had five differente "Files" with all the relationships working pretty much as I liked. Now I have one "File" with five "Tables" and I cant get the structure like before. Here are my "Tables"

Chrono = This is where I input the data for the Scenes and add the Roles to each Scene.

Roles = A list of all the Roles and the scenes that they are in. This is also where I assign the Costume #.

Contunity = This is a printable list of all the Roles and Costume changes by Scene.One costume per page

Line Up = A chart showing what scenes are shooting on what day. I would also like to be able to have the Roles show up across the top that are working that day and their Costume # in the respected scene. Kind of like a horizantal portal.

Shoot Day = The shooting day and Date

Can any body help me get the relationships working???

Thanks in advance,


[email protected]

FileMaker Version: FM 7

Platform: Windows XP


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still digesting your files. but for starters it seems you repeat a lot of fields in each file which may not be necessary since they may be related.

let me look a little more.

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I haven't looked at the layouts but only worked on your fields/tables/ and your Relationship graph.

This is more normalized. You can pull info from the relationship and not have to repeat fields in each table.

FileMaker Version: Dev 7

Platform: Mac OS X Panther


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Art, Forgive me if I took you on a roller coaster of changes.

I was looking solely at the tables fields & relationships.

From what I can see please correct me where I skew...

You have a table of actors [cast] this contains data for this individual

then you have a table [role] this is the characters in your production.

[scenes] - was your Chron table. This is a list or table of all scenes.

[continuity] sort of the central pasteboard to pull all these elements together

here is where you specify what scene and role is being performed. along w/

the date of shoot and the order of shoot.

I also added [costumes] table where you can keep a list of costumes

also there is an [fittings] table where you can track fitting schedules.

(i am working on some mods to my earlier post as things are a little clearer)

File added. but still just my ideas thinking out loud. I hope this will help in some fashion

I will try and look at it further when I am not so burnt out


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This topic is 6482 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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