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Running a report from 2nd data base

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Hi everyone...

I have 2 data bases:

Main data base -- contains all reports and other information

2nd data base -- contains broker data, which the main report uses to look up broker companies..

I need to be able to print a report (Using the Main Page Report) but using the information on the 2nd data base.


Main Date Base:

I have a letter that contains company name, company address....Dear Mr. Contact last Name...

2nd Data Base: Broker Data Base

Contains: Company Name, Company address, Contact Name etc....


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And it takes time to learn, but it can be done. This is a common problem. I for one try to keep all the data in one file and the user interface in another. Makes updating much easier.

To accomplish this, all you need is some way to grab the data out of out of the other database. Usually a global field that relates to a unique identifier in the other, such as a serial number or ID, will do. Then create a relationship to that ID number and you can place any information you wish on a layout relating to that record in the other database.

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is there an example you could show me that I could learn from.... If not Iwill ke trying what you said... Thank you smile.gif

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